Pangolin Mk II & III

Flexible modular and light armoured ballistic protection

Our company

Pangolin has developed an innovative ballistic protection system to protect against gunshot threats. 

The protection plates offer : 

  • flexibility
  • lightness
  • rusticity

Our project

Pangolin’s project is to ensure the protection of people engaged in conflict zones and subject to medium and heavy calibre threats. To ensure this, we have developed innovative ballistic protection solutions adapted to any type of situation that offer interesting features for their users.

Pangolin aims to address humanitarian workers, emergency and security services, or military forces operating in conflict zones where they are most vulnerable. Our mission is to protect all of these people by providing protection that adapts to the support, as well as the situation and the users.

Our modular ballistic protections inspired by the biomimicry of the Pangolin offer effective protection against assault rifles or shrapnel. Thanks to their structure, our protections are flexible and therefore modular for any type of support. The materials making up our ballistic protection allow the structure to be light but also rustic

Thanks to extensive research to find a material that offers flexibility and lightness at a controlled cost, we can offer armoured shields to both conventional forces and victims of conflict. 

We have developed several prototypes using innovative technologies and processes to drastically reduce the weight and manufacturing cost of ceramic reinforcements. 

The product can be sold as a kit and mountable yourself. This system does not require specialised technicians or modification or immobilisation of the vehicle. 

Our plate fixing system makes it possible to override the conventional shielding steps of a civilian vehicle (immobilisation, riveting or bolting plates). These steps are very expensive and our fastening system can drastically reduce the cost of vehicle protection. 


Improved autonomy
Air transportability
Payload increase


Adaptation to all structures
Fits the shape of the support


Thermal and infrared invisibility
Resistance to extreme temperatures


Convenience in use
Easy maintenance

Use cases


Design and production of protection and survivability solutions for land vehicles and special vehicles.


Shielding solutions for helicopters and airplanes meeting various constraints


Ballistic protection solutions for crews and sensitive parts of ships

Turrets & optronic

Kits for over-protection of devices against ballistic threats and shrapnel splashes

Sensitive Infrastructures

Protection of sensitive areas and elements within strategic infrastructures

Personal armour

High-performance ballistic plates meeting the need for personal protection in the field of Defence and Security

Our team

Benjamin Delcourt

CEO & Founder

Quentin du Réau

CTO & Founder

Omar Abdelhamid

CSO & Founder

Clément Saglio

CFO & Founder



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